Zemits MarvelouSlim

Zemits MarvelouSlim
Body Slimming Anti-Cellulite System

Professional Handheld Body Sculpting Device

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Zemits MarvelouSlim

The Zemits MarvelouSlim is the newest generation of body sculpting and cellulite reduction. This professional wireless device offers a comprehensive and handheld powerful vacuum therapy using three varying sized heads to treat all areas of the body.

Zemits MarvelouSlim performs the following treatments:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body contouring
  • Skin firming
The smart portable system uses vacuum therapy combined with interchangeable gentle roller massaging heads and a heating component to provide an effective and comfortable body treatment.

The heads come in three different sizes to treat all areas of the body and maintenance is as easy as changing the small white filter within the portable system.

Roller Massage
Interchangeable Heads

Large roller head: Ideal to perform cellulite treatments on the legs, abdomen, and inner thighs/under arms depending on the size of your client.

Medium roller head: Ideal to perform contouring treatments of the waist as well as more targeted treatments such as under arms or inner thighs depending on the size of your client.

Small roller head: Ideal to treat puffiness or localized fat of the jaw, decollete, and smaller areas such as edema in the legs or arms.

How Does It Work?

Zemits MarvelouSlim combines:
- Heat
- Vacuum Therapy
- Gentle Roller Massage

This advanced vacuum treatment stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, helps to fight cellulite, tightens skin and tones muscles.

The areas that can be treated include the top of the arms and legs, hips and stomach, and buttocks.

"Orange peel" skin appears because of fat layers and bad liquid circulation—oxygen cannot reach the cells so connective fibers begin to form, and cellulite forms as a result.

The Zemits MarvelouSlim helps normalize blood and lymph circulation, which subsequently reduces problematic cellulite on all areas of the body.

The User Friendly Operating System Has Only 4 Buttons:

  1. Play/Pause button: Hold for 3 seconds to power on or power off the system. Press once to start treatment and once to pause treatment.
  2. Heat: Heats the roller massage head to a comfortable temperature to make the treatment more comfortable for the client.
  3. Time: Indicated as the left number on the screen. Time can range between 1 and 59 minutes.
  4. Level: Indicated as the right number on the screen. Level can range from 1 to 3. Operator should always begin treatment on level 1 and increase over sessions.

What are the Benefits of Zemits MarvelouSlim?

  1. Wireless operations enables at spa, at home, or on go treatments
  2. Solid and reliable structure with stainless steel rollers for long-lasting device
  3. Professional powerful compressor for maximum results
  4. Heating mode warms up the rollers and helps smooth treatment performance
  5. One battery charge allows to run the system for up to 8 hours
  6. Replaceable protective filters come in set with a device
  7. Durable working surface can be sanitized with 70% alcohol
  8. Convenient design for treatment performance
  9. Smart and user-friendly operating system

What Problems Can it Solve?

Treatment results with the Zemits MarvelouSlim:

  • Contours the body
  • Helps to get rid of localized fat
  • Improves elasticity of skin
  • Helps to reduce cellulite
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Helps reduce puffiness and oedema

Consumables and Maintenance

Consumable Cost:

A great benefit of the Zemits MarvelouSlim is that you have complete control of your consumable cost.
Since the system already has almost everything you need with three different head sizes, charging port, and replaceable filters, all you need additionally is massage oil. Consumable cost varies depending on whatever massage oil is used.


The filter can be found inside of the roller massage head and simply needs to be changed once it is no longer white.

Check out this
Effective and Safe
Technique of Vacuum Massage
with Zemits MarvelouSlim

Results after treatment with Zemits MarvelouSlim

I always worried about the equipment that I ordered to the salon. My reputation is important to me, so I want to provide only high-quality cosmetic services. With this helps me products from Zemits. It is not only innovative but really safe, effective and powerful. And as a nice bonus, it has a stylish design! I always choose multifunctional duals to increase the number of services. Never had a malfunction. I also subscribed to the company's newsletter and now regularly receive letters with useful information. I am pleased! *
*The results are completely individual. They depend on client's health and features.

Zemits Reviews

Jacky Ross
Maria Lewis
Choosing a company when opening your own beauty salon is also in a big city, where a lot of competition is very
important. But with Zemits, I was definitely not mistaken. Brand advised a friend who also makes orders only from this company. I like the fact that the company constantly releases some new, cool products. It's like Apple but in the cosmetics business.
In most countries, I have noticed big problems with logistics (and this is not a matter of logical companies, namely, in online stores). But Zemits has no problems with it at all. I've been making orders for the 2nd year (I ordered devices every six months) and there have never been delivery delays or failures. The goods always reached a maximum of a day after the agreed date, which was not important for me. There was a case when I had to arrange delivery 10 days after placing the order, and the company did everything as we agreed. And there was a moment when it was necessary to send urgently (the machine I needed was in stock, as I was informed then) and I actually received the goods after a couple of days. And even for such a simple reason, in any case, I will choose Zemits, even if they have prices higher than those of competitors.
Caurtney Russell
We appreciate your feedback!
Spa Owner
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